Our Process

Initial Meetings

All great design begins with listening. An initial meeting is the opportunity for the client to share their design ideas, ideals and expectations. It is a meeting where a la carte DESIGN shares their background and experience in design. This is where a relationship of understanding and trust between client and designer is established and formally defined with a contract.

Discovery Interview


Listening begins with the initial meeting and carries on throughout the project. During the discovery interview the designer uncovers information about your lifestyle, the people who live with you and your design preferences and desires. This is where you share the details of your dream design.

Concept Development

The design interview leads directly into the creation of an initial design to be shared with the client. This phase is one of give and take between designer and client, where the overall design, as well as the selection of materials and finishes is developed and finalized. Here the designer helps you visualize a design that feeds the senses and captures your vision.


Here the designer defines what it will take to make it the dream design happen. What, by whom, by when and for how much.

This is where you say yes!


An agreement outlines the final selection of materials and finishes, the process to completion and provides the designer with formal permission to take action. The designer can now order materials, select and engage fabricators, contractors and tradespeople for whatever role they may play in the completion of the design.


This is where timelines and project milestones are defined. A timeline that coordinates all parties and activities in the implementation and realization of the dream.